Level 2, 20 Foundational Speech and Language Skills

20 Foundational Speech and Language Skills Necessary for Kindergarten Readiness Based on Read It Once Again Level 2 Curriculum Units

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  1. Matching upper case letters of the alphabet
  2. Matching lower case letters of the alphabet
  3. Identification of upper case letters of the alphabet
  4. Identification of lower case letters of the alphabet
  5. Identification of familiar sight words
  6. Knowledge of concepts of print and book awareness
  7. Identification of color words
  8. Identification of shapes and shape words
  9. Count or clap syllables in familiar words
  10. Identification and match rhyming words from pictures
  11. Trace letters of the alphabet
  12. Print letters of the alphabet
  13. Use symbols and drawings to express ideas
  14. Rote Count to 100
  15. Count to 30 with one-to-one correspondence
  16. Demonstrate knowledge of more or less
  17. Demonstrate knowledge of simple addition (1-10)
  18. Demonstrate knowledge of simple subtraction (1-10)
  19. Trace numbers one to ten
  20. Print numbers one to ten

Read It Once Again

Read It Once Again preschool curriculums incorporate traditional, familiar children's literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculums include objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide young children with a language rich educational program to meet the basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the prekindergarten classroom. While the curriculum is appropriate for all young children, Read It Once Again uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.