Baking Bread – FREE Activity

9 Oct, 2017


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  Use this free activity from our Unit of the Month for November, The Little Red Hen, based on the storybook by Lucinda McQueen.  Children will learn about simple investigations, exploring the environment, and the concept that properties can change over time. Let them help you bake a loaf of bread!

Time to Ditch Behavior Systems

A Mom’s Take On Behavior Systems When I write these blog posts, I usually try to be most parts teacher, with just a little mom sprinkled in there for good measure.  Today’s post comes straight from this mom’s heart because my kid had a hard day. My son, Owen, is in ninth grade, and he … Read more

Using Read It Once Again with Infants and Toddlers

You’re Never Too Young For Story Time! When my oldest son was little, I bet we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ten times a day.  He loved it!  I wish I could remember how old he was the first time we read it.  I know he was little because I can … Read more

Differentiating Instruction

September Freebie! The Kissing Hand Hi Friends!  Whoa!  Can you believe September is here already?  Most of us are back at school and in full swing at this point.  I know how chaotic the beginning of the year can be.  And I also know that many of us have a go-to story for back-to-school…The Kissing … Read more

October Freebie – The Very Busy Spider

How Many Ways Can You Count?  So Many Ways! We’ve got another fun freebie for you, and this one is perfect for October because it comes straight from our unit for The Very Busy Spider. This is a counting activity but like all of the Read It Once Again curriculum, it can be used in … Read more

Setting Up A Safe Space In Your Classroom

Cozy Corner We all know that look little kids get just before they lose it.  Two seconds ago, they were fine, playing with a friend so nicely, and now they’re hulking out.  They have big emotions for such little humans!   Just like adults, children often need a break.  Their sensory systems are easily overloaded … Read more

Free Preschool Activity – Count the Spiders on the Web

Check out the free activity for our October 2017 unit of the month, The Very Busy Spider, Level 1, based on the storybook by Eric Carle.  Using this free activity, Count the Spiders on the Web, the children can count the number of spiders on each web and the find the corresponding numbered web to match. … Read more

Building Positive Relationships

Forming bonds with children in the classroom–Good for them, and good for you! We all know that building relationships with our students and their families is job number one.  In the first few weeks of school, there is really nothing more important.  We have to let children know that they are safe and cared for at … Read more

Literacy and Language in One Freebie

One Free Activity– So Many Ideas! Hi Friends!  I’m sure you know that we give away a free activity every month, which is great, but it’s awesome when you realize that it can be used in a bunch of different ways.  The August freebie is an activity that goes with Eric Carle’s book, From Head … Read more

Read It Once Again

Read It Once Again preschool curriculums incorporate traditional, familiar children's literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculums include objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide young children with a language rich educational program to meet the basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the prekindergarten classroom. While the curriculum is appropriate for all young children, Read It Once Again uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.