Works well with others

Collaborating with Therapists and Teaching Assistants On any preschool assessment, you’re going to see things like “plays well with others,” “shares materials,” and “manages feelings.”  As teachers, we spend the majority of our time teaching our preschoolers how to manage their feelings so that they can get along with their friends.  And guess what? We, … Read more

Preschool Art: Process Vs. Product

Preschool Art: It’s not another yellow duck I have a confession to make…I may have become a preschool teacher just for the art. So many times, I have gone to the craft store and walked out with bags of things that I never even knew existed or even really knew how I was going to … Read more

Baking Bread – FREE Activity

9 Oct, 2017



  Use this free activity from our Unit of the Month for November, The Little Red Hen, based on the storybook by Lucinda McQueen.  Children will learn about simple investigations, exploring the environment, and the concept that properties can change over time. Let them help you bake a loaf of bread!

Time to Ditch Behavior Systems

A Mom’s Take On Behavior Systems When I write these blog posts, I usually try to be most parts teacher, with just a little mom sprinkled in there for good measure.  Today’s post comes straight from this mom’s heart because my kid had a hard day. My son, Owen, is in ninth grade, and he … Read more

Using Read It Once Again with Infants and Toddlers

You’re Never Too Young For Story Time! When my oldest son was little, I bet we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ten times a day.  He loved it!  I wish I could remember how old he was the first time we read it.  I know he was little because I can … Read more

Read It Once Again

Read It Once Again preschool curriculums incorporate traditional, familiar children's literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculums include objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide young children with a language rich educational program to meet the basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the prekindergarten classroom. While the curriculum is appropriate for all young children, Read It Once Again uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.