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Using Visuals in the Classroom

Using Visuals in the Classroom

Visuals:  They are so much more than cute We all know that young children benefit from visual cues in addition to verbal directions.  The beauty of visuals is that often, when you have the right visuals in place, you don’t need to give verbal directions at all because the child already knows what to do. … Read more

Advice For The First Year Teacher

  Dear First Year Teacher, I know you’re excited!  I bet you have Pinterest boards filled with ideas for setting up your classroom, doing crafts with the kids, and super cute snacks you can make!  I was absolutely that teacher!  I was so enthusiastic about snacks, in fact, that I created “Froggy Friends Fun Friday … Read more

Make Your Own Storyboard

Make Your Own Storyboard What would preschool be without story time?  I for one, don’t want to find out.  For me, story time has always been one of my favorite parts of the day.  I was not a confident storyteller when I first started teaching. Part of it was a lack of confidence, and part … Read more

Read It Once Again

Read It Once Again preschool curriculums incorporate traditional, familiar children's literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculums include objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide young children with a language rich educational program to meet the basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the prekindergarten classroom. While the curriculum is appropriate for all young children, Read It Once Again uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.