Big Red Barn

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Read It Once Again offers Curriculum Units and Interactive White Board activities based on the popular storybook, “The Big Red Barn” by Margaret Wise Brown.

    • Available: Level l curriculum unit, Level 2 curriculum unit, Level 1 and Level 2 Interactive White Board Activities. Select an individual product, combo, or double deal.
    • The storybook is not included.  To purchase book, please refer to our Scholastic Literacy Partners page.

Big Red Barn


Storybook and LEVEL 1 Curriculum Unit Highlights:

  • Teaches basic farm animals
  • Identifies animal sounds
  • Matches mother and baby animals
  • Includes simple colorful graphics
  • Expands vocabulary
  • Includes rhyming text

Storybook and LEVEL 2 Curriculum Unit Highlights:

  • Upper case/lower case; rhyming words; Big Red Barn Opposites; Counting Syllables
  • Number identification; simple addition and subtraction; Measuring Fruits and Vegetables; Milk Taste Testing – Introducing and Reading Graphs
  • What’s on the Science Table; Popcorn Discoveries - Recording Your Findings; Tracking the Weather; Classroom Farmers – Planting and Growing and Observing
  • Big Red Barn Writing Prompts; Animal Poems – Descriptive Words
  • A Trip to the Farmer’s Market; Farm Facts; Keep Me Safe



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