Rita Wetzstein Bouillon, Principal

“I am the Principal at The Kauri Sue Hamilton School in Riverton, UT and our students all have significant multiple disabilities. Our staff and students love your products! I saw your display at CEC in Nashville in 2010 and our school has been hooked ever since. We own every book set you’ve created and hope you’ll make more. You have become our elementary literacy program and your curriculum guides allow teachers to create month-long lessons that incorporate the story into math, art, home ec and music. This past summer our teachers took time to develop an Adapted Literacy Lesson Plan for each book. Key vocabulary words were identified, picture symbols were created and prediction and comprehension questions were developed. With very little planning time each day, our staff are grateful for your materials and our additions that give them valuable literacy curriculum materials to use all month long. The colorful worksheets and picture materials available on your CD’s are wonderful for capturing students’ attention and adding to lessons. Thanks! “

Ms. Nancy Bailey, PCD Teacher

Ms. Nancy Bailey, PCD Teacher

I have found the Read It Once Again curriculum to be an excellent tool to help improve my student’s language skills.  The curriculum offers the necessary structure for young children, yet it is flexible enough to allow a teacher to respond to her student’s individual needs.  The curriculum also allows the teacher to use her individual style of teaching and her creativity.  This versatile curriculum also provides the needed tools to address the motor, cognitive, social, and daily living domains.

Through the years I have seen my student’s skills, particularly language skills, blossom with this curriculum.  I believe that its roots in rhyme, rhythm and repetition are a key factor in the success that this curriculum often brings.

Many parents comment on their child’s improved behavior and language skill about 2-4 months after beginning the program.  Skills continue to improve through the years.  The children who tend to have the greatest success are the ones who are identified at three years old and attend the program for 2-3 years.

Being able to send home the storybook at the end of each month is an excellent way to help parents help their children improve their language skills.  Many parents comment that the books we send home are the first books that their children are able to sit and listen to.

When I first saw Rae teaching this curriculum, I knew that this was the way to teach our young children.  The more I taught the curriculum, the more I liked it.  As the years continue to go by, I continue to be amazed not only at the progress of our students, but how much I enjoy using the curriculum.  What I take home with me everyday, and what brings me back each morning is the heartfelt joy of knowing that so many of my students have new found skills and confidence because of what we are able to accomplish in our classroom.

Julie Canaday Graham

We started using these great book units in September and have found them to be an invaluable resource for our students! We have three classrooms of preschoolers with special needs currently using the books and are looking to expand to our center-based programs! Our preschoolers absolutely loved From Head to Toe!!

Amanda Waugh-Strickler

I purchased three units at the EC conference in 2009. I brought them back to my county, and the EC staffed loved them. In fact, the county purchased two entire sets!

Carolyn Ball Gibson

I Love Every Part of this Program! I have taught for 25 years and am pleased to say this is a GOLD MEDAL program. Our SLP introduced it to me and I bought at least 10 units to use. This is the best…My Early Childhood Special Education students are really enjoying these units. Can’t wait to see Level 2 as we look at RTI in Michigan!

Stephanie Marullo-Demonte

Read It Once Again is awesome for my preschoolers. I only have two units at this point but the speech pathologists have all the units. I’m jealous. Maybe I could write a grant to purchase the units.

Shannon Kiser Somerville

I absolutely love the units! I have 16 of them and share with my coworkers frequently. They are a great planning guide for my classroom and help me cover all aspects of learning – I love the gross motor activities and fine motor activities that are included. What a great resource! Can’t wait to see the “Give a Mouse a Cookie” unit!

Heather Pittillo

As an SLP I love all units and activities provided. One of the preschool classes I work with use the units throughout the school. The curriculum helps me to collaborate with the teacher and ensure carryover.

Sarah Power Love

My son always LOVED Read It Once Again as a preschooler and I’m so glad they have now made a level 2! I hope you continue to increase in the levels becasuse this is such a great concept and really helps my child to learn! Thanks!

Sandra Daniel Faggart

I LOVE my Read It Once Again units and would not consider going to preschool without them! We have the most fun on book party days….when everyone gets their own copy, just like the teacher’s, of our book. What a treat to see our sweet people “reading” everywhere we look!

Read It Once Again

Read It Once Again preschool curriculums incorporate traditional, familiar children's literature into thematic units to promote early literacy. The curriculums include objectives, activities, and assessments necessary to provide young children with a language rich educational program to meet the basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the prekindergarten classroom. While the curriculum is appropriate for all young children, Read It Once Again uniquely uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition as the foundational approach to teaching, making this curriculum especially effective for children with autism, language delays, or developmental delays.